A Handbook To Our Services At Paradigm Business Plans

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Here is a handbook to our services at Paradigm Business Plans

Businesses need nurturing, time, energy, and planning to develop, grow and prosper. Planning how to present your business ahead of the masses is crucial, and entrepreneurs generally overlook the most important step. Paradigm Business Plans is a company that provides strategic and custom business plan writing services! Whether you are seeking immigration to Canada, a startup, a small company, or a mid-size company, we have a solution for you from a business plan writing perspective. We create a custom business plan based on the customer’s specific idea, business model, and strategy.

A list of the services we offer: 

1. Business plan to acquire financing: Banks and financial institutions require a comprehensive business plan to understand and measure your business risks and opportunities. It can also help you decide how much money you will need to start, and operate, your business. Our professional writers are experts in strategically placing points and selecting quality content in designing your business plan.

2. Business plan to apply for government or corporate grants: Small business grants give free money to startups and existing businesses to help them flourish. It doesn’t come easy, though. You’ll first need to research and find the right grant for your business. Then you need to persuade the body offering the grant why they should give one to your business. Most grants have their own specific application process. We sit down with you to provide the information necessary to get a grant that is specific to your business industry.  

3. Business plan development for immigration purposes: There are a variety of programs that are available for immigration applicants. We develop these types of immigration business plans based on your specific situation. Our business plan writers understand the visa application process and requirements so that you can be assured of a job well done. 

4. Business plans for management planning to grow a business:  This is a critical document for a company to summarize its strategic plans and resources. We not only organize your plans into documents but also work with you on your business strategies for ultimate and long-term growth and success. We have a good understanding and knowledge of business guidelines. So, it’s better to get assistance from our experts rather than worry and stress about your business.

5. Franchise business plan for the customers buying a franchise: Not only does a business plan help secure funding, but it also forces you to take a hard look at the investment you are about to make. It gives you a chance to anticipate the challenges that come with opening a business and temper unrealistic expectations. As time passes and you move further into franchise ownership, we will help you create something that is constantly updated and utilized as a guide in helping you reach your franchise goals. 


A good business plan is a typical document that banks and financial institutions require to know your business model, capabilities, revenue streams, and financial capability to pay back the borrowed money. Each business immigration program needs a business plan to delineate the applicant’s plan to do business in Canada. A business plan is a strong management tool that owners and managers can use to operate the company efficiently and be able to grow it.

If you are looking for strategic and custom business plan writing services, reach out to us at Paradigm Business Plans. We are a group of professionals who provide unparalleled and unbiased business plan writing services to present your business and transform your business to the level you imagine. Our services include identifications of the primary needs and structure of your idea(s) into a business accepted format that represents your business strategy, value chain, operation uniqueness, and financing you need. We offer our services across Canada; the Head office is located in Thornhill close to Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, Mississauga, and the rest of GTA. To learn more about the services we offer, please click here. To get in touch with us, please click here.