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Paradigm Business Plans

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A systemic approach designed to develop the business plan. Five processes of data collection, data analysis, business plan design, business plan development, and business plan presentation are defined to gather, analyze and integrate the data. Each content of the business plan’s section is assessed by the five processes to create a segmented workgroup, which can be developed independently. Therefore, there are 40 workgroups that need to be created until the business plan is completed. The details of the processes and workgroups are summarized in the following table:

Data Collection    
Data Analysis  
Business Plan Design Business Plan Development Business Plan Presentation
Business Strategy Business Idea Business Concept Business Specifics Business Model Competitive Advantage
Marketing Strategy Products/ Services Price List Competition Distribution Marketing Plan
SWOT Analysis Brainstorm Normalize Data Categorize Data Streamline SWOT SWOT
Operations Strategy Operations Requirement Capabilities Analysis Process Design Operation Flow Operation Plan
HR Strategy HR Requirement HR Capacity Functions Org. Chart HR Plan
E-Business      Strategy IS/IT Requirement IS/IT Capabilities IS/IT Customization Digital Model Digital Strategy
CSR Strategy CSR Awareness Feasibility Study Ethical Model Sustainability Sustainable Plan
Financial Planning Sales/Cost Data Targets Alignment Financial Design Statements Financial Projection