Human Resources Management

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Human resource flow “HRF” fundamentally defines the inflow, outflow and movement of human resources “HR” within the company under full time, part time, or contingent contract structure, whichever would best suit the corporate strategy. Creating human resources talents’ pool, in line with the company’s competitive advantage, is responsibility of human resources department. The policies, best practices and strategic management of the resources would warrant the companies success in hiring the right people, assigning the right jobs to them, and nurturing them during the employment. Dynamic business environment, rapid growth of technology and globalization have incurred various changes to the organizations and have caused an unsteady state of human resource flow in the companies, which inherently have made it difficult to manage HRF, and have created challenges to the corporate strategy implementation.

The importance of HRF in corporates’ success suggests that managing HRF would not be a responsibility limited to HR department. Other departments must fully cooperate with HR department and contribute to the HRF management processes to ensure a solid and progressive HRF management is in place (Lam , 2014, p. 105). Strategic HRF management and planning entail in several processes which summarized by Lam as recruitment, selection, appointment, promotion, transfers, redeployment and outplacement (Lam , 2014, p. 106). Strategic HRF and HR planning encompass recruitment and retention of employees, and to evaluate the growth areas within an organization HRF, mainly from perspectives of recruiting and retaining of employees.


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