Home or Side Business:

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Home or side business by Paradigm Business Plans

COVID-19 Pandemic taught us how to use information technology in running business activities online. From global companies to small businesses relied on internet, applications, and platforms to connect people and businesses online. Successful online operations increase solopreneurs confidence to establish home businesses whether as mainstream of income or side business. Self-employment offers more flexibility, working style and develop satisfying relationship with work.

Why-How-What Process:

You need to know your “why” to establish a business. It is crucial you determine the business meet your needs financially, emotionally, and intellectually. Focusing on how you would like to do your business sets you apart from the competition. You likely have an idea what you would like to sell or what services to offer. Once you know the answers to why-how and what about your business, it is in your best interest to develop a business plan that depicts your strategy, synergy and sustainability.

McCall (2021) suggests the following home businesses that are very much achievable for a determined person:

  1. Online courses:

You can formulate a recipe or SOP that you have proven track it works. Then, you teach it to others online.

  • Social Media Manager:

We all know the social media efficacy in marketing and sales of products and services. Many businesses outsource their social media marketing to social media managers who knows the features of platforms. It’s a role that will always be top of mind for entrepreneurs.

  • Money Coach:

If you are good with money, you can coach others to organize their financial affairs and to optimize their spending and record keeping. This seems to be obvious, however, entrepreneurs are thinking of their operations and they may not have enough financial skills.

  • Virtual Assistant

Virtual administration is a rapidly growing profession. Small business owners and busy entrepreneurs are increasingly relying on VAs to handle time-consuming tasks, such as working with complicated email management systems, email correspondence, scheduling or marketing tasks.

  • Facebook Ads manager:

Businesses and solopreneurs often don’t have time to test and optimize strategy, so managers who know how to work with the platform efficiently are in high demand.

  • Small Business Coach:

If you have experience running a business, you can leverage your knowledge, experience and lesson learns to coach new ventures and entrepreneurs. Many first-time business owners don’t know how to establish efficient systems.

There are other online business ideas that you can think about or start. The above-mentioned ones are type of businesses that have been streamlined both from demand and supply perspectives.


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