Code of Conduct:

Paradigm Business Plans’ code of conducts lies in taking seriously its obligations to all stakeholders. The company will constantly develop a reputation of integrity so there will be trust with clients and the community through following: 

  • Valuing communities, embracing multi-cultures, respecting opinions, promoting integrity and ethics in services to the public, sponsoring education and training, and undertaking eco-conscious behaviours.
  • Adopt CSR knowledge, planning and monitoring methodologies.
  • Customize programs based on medicine professional values and community needs.
  • Genuine advertisement.
  • Complete financial reporting and taxation within the CRA timeline
  • Adhere to human resources standards in hiring and working with employees
  • Contribute to the community programs such as community associations, sports leagues, online networks, parent-teacher associations, environmental activists, and religion groups.
  • Embrace multi-culturalism and respects different opinions at all times.
  • Understand the environmental issues and the importance of sharing of information in order to protect the stakeholders.

Environmental Responsibilities:

Paradigm Business Plans understands the role of environmental protection to prevent pollution. The company strives to apply policies, procedures, and best practices to conserve energy and maintain a clean environment. The following are a few examples of what Paradigm Business Plans promotes to protect the environment:

  • Paperless procedures to maximize electronic documentation and communications.
  • Adhering to energy conservation policies and codes.
  • No plastic bottles or containers including water bottles.
  • Strict recycling procedure in the office.
  • Select eco-conscious vendors and promote their services when is appropriate. One example is using GreenGeeks hosting services.