Paradigm Business Plans

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A systemic approach designed to develop the business plan. Five processes of data collection, data analysis, business plan design, business plan development and business plan presentation defined to gather, analyze and integrate the data. Each content of business plan’s section is assessed by the five processes to create segmented work group, which can be developed independently. Therefore, there are 40 work groups that need to be created until the business plan completed. The details of the processes and work groups summarized in the following table:

 Data CollectionData AnalysisBusiness Plan DesignBusiness Plan DevelopmentBusiness Plan Presentation
Business StrategyBusiness IdeaBusiness ConceptBusiness SpecificsBusiness ModelCompetitive Advantage
Marketing StrategyProducts/ ServicesPrice ListCompetitionDistributionMarketing Plan
SWOT AnalysisBrainstormNormalize DataCategorize DataStreamline SWOTSWOT
Operations StrategyOperations RequirementCapabilities AnalysisProcess DesignOperation FlowOperation Plan
HR StrategyHR RequirementHR CapacityFunctionsOrg. ChartHR Plan
E-Business      StrategyIS/IT RequirementIS/IT CapabilitiesIS/IT CustomizationDigital ModelDigital Strategy
CSR StrategyCSR AwarenessFeasibility StudyEthical ModelSustainabilitySustainable Plan
Financial PlanningSales/Cost DataTargets AlignmentFinancial DesignStatementsFinancial Projection

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